20 Benefits of Business Networking

This week has been a very exciting week at Customised Training as we prepare for the official launch of the Connect Network Melton and Bacchus Marsh.  This new initiative is business network that we are starting as a way of facilitating business connections and we will have a special focus on learning (naturally, as training and learning is our passion!).  Throughout the week I’ve had time to think over the importance of business networking and put a few thoughts together on the topic.

If you ask successful people about the key factors that have contributed to their success in business, most will mention something about their networks with other individuals or businesses.  Business networking has many benefits, including some that may not be immediately obvious.  We’ve compiled a list of 20 benefits to consider:

  1. You can call on your network for assistance, support and advice.
  2. You can extend assistance, support and advice to those in your network.
  3. You can expand your sphere of influence.
  4. You will increase your sources of information.
  5. You will gain new perspectives and fresh insights.
  6. Opportunities will arise which could include referrals, offers of partnerships, requests for your service or products, speaking and writing opportunities, business or asset sales.
  7. You will increase in confidence as you push yourself to talk and connect with new people.
  8. You will raise your profile as you become more visible.
  9. You can build your reputation for being knowledgeable and experienced in your field as people get to know you.
  10. You may meet future business partners, suppliers, customers, staff and friends.
  11. You will have more connections to call upon when you need them.
  12. Business people that network are usually people who are really going for it and are great positive influences to be around.
  13. You can bounce business ideas and thoughts off a wide range of connections.
  14. You will meet people that you don’t normally come across in your everyday business life.
  15. You can stay current with what’s happening in your industry or the local area.
  16. You will be able to practice and perfect talking about your business and use this in your marketing.
  17. Business networking is not all serious and offers opportunities to socialise too.
  18. You can ask questions at business networking opportunities as a way of doing market research.
  19. It can yield a great return on investment as it is usually free or low cost to participate.
  20. You can gain access to products and services that you may not otherwise have known about.

You can out more about the ConnecT Network Melton & Bacchus Marsh by going to the website

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