There are several sources of State and Commonwealth funding for VET training. The following outlines the main sources of funding. Eligibility criteria apply.

Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG)

Each Australian state provides funding for eligible students. In Victoria funding is available under the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG). The eligibility criteria encourages up skilling.

(State training authorities can advise details for their respective state).

Fee for Service (FFS) 

Those ineligible for a VTG place can study on a fee for service (FFS) basis.

Employment Start Up for Business Program

The Employment Start Up for Business program offers a direct response to Victorian small and medium sized businesses experiencing difficulty in filling job vacancies. The program is focussed on unfilled vacancies in both regional and metropolitan areas.

Each new employment placement must be full time, of at least 30 hours per week, and will involve accredited training for the new employee that is appropriate to the workplace and the job description. Each eligible employer will be able to apply for a grant of up to $4,000 which comprises two payments as follows:

  • $1,000 on initial employment of a young person between the ages of 15 to 25
  • $3,000 after the employee has been employed for a 16 week period and has undertaken, or is enrolled in, accredited training that is appropriate to the workplace and the position description.

For further information, visit the Business Victoria website or download a Fact sheet.

Innovation Voucher Program

The Innovation Voucher Program is a new initiative of the Victorian Government that aims to improve the innovation capability and capacity of small and medium businesses and publicly funded research organisations (PFROs).

Innovation Skills Vouchers are available for Victorian SMEs, allowing them to access innovation skills development opportunities provided by Victorian suppliers or service providers.

The skills development must have an impact on the innovation capability of the entire company. For example a Victorian SME could use the voucher to develop or improve:

  • intellectual property management and/or knowledge management skills
  • commercialisation skills
  • customer service
  • technology road mapping skills
  • communications skills, in particular to interact with R&D providers and work across disciplines
  • idea generation, selection and implementation skills

​​Further information including eligibility criteria and application is from available from the Victorian Government here

Commonwealth Funding

The following outlines the several sources of funding available from the Commonwealth government. (Eligibility criteria apply).


An Australian Apprenticeship (also known as Traineeships) provides a nationally recognised qualification and the experience to commence a career. Traineeships combine time at work with training and can be completed full-time, part-time.

Australian Apprenticeships are available to anyone of working age regardless of their level of education. School-leavers, those re-entering the workforce or an adult worker wishing to change careers may be eligible.

Financial incentives for employers are available for selected qualifications.  More detail is available at www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au/


Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) 

Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program is to assist organisations to train workers in English language, literacy and numeracy skills. This funding is available on a competitive grants basis to organisations for English language and literacy training linked to job-related workplace training and is designed to help workers meet their current and future employment and training needs.

More details are available from the Skills Connect web site http://skillsconnect.gov.au/